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Things of beauty...

are a joy forever. Good design makes life better. Let’s celebrate some unique and special components this festive season.

Project 2Xperience Superpack.

Seldom does an audio product look this good. You’ll find the clear Perspex plinth and elegant lines of this special limited edition of the Pro-Ject classic turntable are more than matched by the crystalline performance . It’s an analogue feast with an upgraded Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, silver Van den Hul interconnects, record clamp, acrylic platter and seriously good tonearm.

Having waited 8 months since order we have received just four of these fantastic turntable packages. With the resurgent interest and availability of vinyl, this is the perfect time for you to acquire one of these very special and beautiful turntables. $2000 complete.

Geneva - the ultimate wireless speaker systems

All the new models are now in - the wireless version of the classic Geneva S, M and L have arrived, just in time for Christmas. The addition of Bluetooth and upgraded internals have transformed the Geneva range from a series of docks to serious wireless systems that are beautifully finished in 3 high gloss options, more comprehensively featured and and better performing than all the alternatives.

The substitution of bluetooth for a dock gives you better pricing on both the Model S and M - the latter now being an unbeatable proposition at $899. The full sized model L will fill the largest room  with great sound from all your intelligent devices, CD and FM radio. Whether you are after a special gift, the best bedroom system or a completely modern alternative to component audio systems, the new Geneva range has the answer for you

Cute and cuddly

The NuForce Home series are an exercise in minimalist perfection. In the last six months the DDA100 has become to be our most popular amplifier ever and the even better separate components - DACs, pre and power amps - have proved to be awesomely capable and exceptional value. Everyone who listens is impressed by both the sound quality and incredibly big sound that comes out of such compact components. But while we can always get more NuForce, there are some things that are much rarer.

Every day polar bears are struggling to survive at their home on the melting ice of the Arctic we wanted to do a little to help. So we have a limited number of cute little polar bear toys from WWF one of which we will give to you when you purchase a NuForce Home 100 product. Cuddly as these might be, they cannot substitute for the real thing ask we you to take a little time to consider the issues surrounding global climate change.

Please ask for a polar bear when you purchase any NuForce Home series component. One per customer while stocks last.

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