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Sonus faber Olympica


It’s no secret that we love the Italian Sonus faber speakers. In a world of mass production and compromise, Sonus faber are genuinely handcrafted from the very best materials. They have both a distinctive character and remarkable sound quality which anyone who hears, immediately understands. The new Olympica range is pure Sonus faber.

You don’t have to have an expensive system to make Sonus fabers sound great - the new Olympica has an uncanny ability to work brilliantly with almost any amplifier and  just about every type of music sounds better on them. While the Olympica range includes full floor standing models, it’s the smallest design in the range that has initially captivated us.

If you want to hear just how much music can come out of a compact speaker system, you really should come and see us and spend some quality time with the Olympica 1. Bring your own music on iPod, phone, laptop CD or even vinyl and we’ll give you a room all to yourself.

As well as the Olympica, you can also investigate the entry level Venere models. The floor standing model 2.5 is sounding particularly impressive with the PrimaLuna tube amplifiers and even the smallest model shares the very special DNA that makes the Olympica range what it is.

Read about them here.

NuForce AVP18 Preamp processor and MCA-20 Multi Channel power amplifier.


NuForce are a seriously cool digital company so who better to shake up the home cinema market. If you already have a home theatre receiver amplifier of almost any description, it will be limited in both power and quality by the fact that so much is going on in the one box - pre amp, power amps, digital and analogue, sound and video. So much complication and compromise. Add to this the race to the bottom with all the chain store brands and it can make your head hurt.

The Nuforce approach is 3 fold - simplify by producng purpose built digital and analogue models, eliminate compromise by separating the preamp and power amplifier. And enhance with more and better quality power.

Your introduction to this new range is here.

Specials Page

Carolyn has just done a big update to our specials page - You’ll find some real goodies in there, with AV and in-wall speakers, subwoofers and more. There are also some excellent electronics - amplifiers from Rotel, and Audio Analogue, a complete Linn Classik system trade in with two pairs of speakers and several Geneva and Tivoli models. Go to the Specials page.

New finishes from Geneva and new models from Tivoli.


The best sounding all in one  music systems come from the houses of Tivoli and Geneva. Both of which now have bluetooth and new models and finishes. The Geneva models M and L have just become  available in the real walnut finish. Have a look at our Geneva Gallery.

Tivoli now have three variations of the Music System - the original with a CD player, the ‘2’ with Bluetooth only and the ‘BT’ with both. The ever popular Model One and PAL radios have a bluetooth option and the standard Model One range has added a new sharp looking black on black style. 

June sees the arrival of a completely new Tivoli -  the ‘Albergo’  - a smaller sized, easy to use, AM/FM alarm clock radio with bluetooth and the same lovely display screen as found on the Model 10.

WWF Update

Since 1999 we have supported the World Wide Fund for Nature. They are a global organisation who make a difference with research and education based programs. The work done by our New Zealand branch has a direct impact on the life we all get to enjoy - now and in the future. With all purchases over $600 we include a special WWF gift to you. The WWF-NZ gifts are tangible representations of the work WWF do and our shared contribution helps this continue. Find out more here.

Wired and WiFi - New Cambridge Audio speakers

Cambridge Audio have two new winning speaker systems that are both exceptional value and great performers. The Minx Air 200 wireless speaker might look a little like a Sonos Play 5 but it’s got a lot more going for it - it slots straight into anyone’s home with both AirPlay and BlueTooth. The sound quality appreciably better - it’s real piece of hifi that could best be described as a smaller, more affordable version of the all-conquering Monitor Audio ASB-2 speaker system. The Minx 200 Air has recently been sharpened up to an even better $749 - which makes the WitchDoctor review and recommendation even more compelling.

The new Aero 2 speakers might appear more conventional but these too are creating a real stir. Key to their performance is a new type of driver - the BMR - and if you read the review in AudioEnz you’ll see that Cambridge have a real hit on their hands - for just $699 the pair the new Aero is the standard setter for entry level speakers.

Cambridge Audio are building a great reputation - start to explore their range here.

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