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Can a single loudspeaker range appeal to everyone?

Hitting that magical combination of competitive price, sparkling performance, and great looks is a real challenge - which is exactly what Monitor Audio are aiming for with their new Silver series loudspeaker range.

Monitor Audio Silver series loudspeakers

This is a range that has been literally 40 years in the making. Designed in Britain, the Monitor Audio range has consistently grown and improved over this time, moving from being a handmade niche product to one of the heavy hitters in the audio world. At Totally Wired we've gradually been won over as each iteration builds upon the previous and reaches a point where we have to admit that Monitor Audio have outpaced almost all of the other designers we have dealt with over the years, both from New Zealand and around the world. If it weren't for the Italian inspiration of Sonus faber, we'd be able to run quite happily with Monitor Audio as our only speaker brand given the sheer breadth of their catalogue, with ranges to cater for every lifestyle and expectation of performance.

The new Silver Series is a formidable range in its own right and covers as much ground as many other designer's complete offerings. From the entry level compact model Silver One at NZ$1150, you have a choice of 8 models and 4 finishes, covering both stereo and home cinema. Learn more here.

Wireless - A Whole New World

Geneva L music system

Separate components are great but there is also a case to be made for the latest generation of wireless speakers. Sonos were first but in the last few months we've seen a slew of better options appear.

The new Monitor Audio ASB-2 and larger Geneva models are serious audio systems by anyones standards - with both wireless and direct connections, multple amplifiers and drivers. Both will fill the largest room with rich quality sound, whether streamed from smartphone, iPad or computer.

The more compact  options from Cambridge - the new Minx Air 200 being wickedly good, the new Geneva M and S wirelessTivoli BT models and NuForce S3-BT, are all no less accomplished - just more affordable and designed for smaller spaces.

Our wireless speaker range is as comprehensive as our conventional speakers - you have the choice of both music and cinema options, wide compatibility and levels of performance - talk to us now about which is going to work best for you.

An Analogue Feast

PrimaLuna amplifier

PrimaLuna tube amplifiers designed in the Netherlands, Sonus faber speakers hand made with solid walnut and real leather from Italy, the latest Pro-Ject 2-Xperience Acrylic and Well Tempered turntable systems, not to mention cartridges and phono stages from Dynavector and Pure Audio

If your idea of pleasure is the warm glow of a real fire, an extremely comfortable couch, good cheer and company, we have the components and systsems for you. 

This isn't to say digital is any less good - with the new offerings from Meridian and Nuforce, you don't have to be commited to one exclusive format to enjoy the best of all worlds. 

And in the next few weeks we'll introduce you to a great new amplifier from the original analogue high fidelity company - Quad. We've been enjoying the new Quad Vena integrated amplifier at home over the last few nights. More on this soon.

NAD re-invents the Amplifier

NAD D 3020 integrated amplifier

Once upon a time NAD produced a little integrated amplifier - the 3020 - which literally made their reputation. It was small, affordable and great sounding. There are huge numbers of this amplifier still in service today and it really was a hard act to follow. Which makes the arrival of the new NAD D 3020 digital hybrid amplifier an event in itself.

The new NAD amplifier walked in our door a couple of months ago and we've been gradually warming to it’s many talents. The 3020 wants you to like it and there is no doubt that it's quickly making friends – the reviews are uniformly positive.

We think the NAD D 3020 is kind of like a cute little cat that’s just turned up and decided to stay. The NAD 3020 is a hybrid so it’s got both digital and analogue inputs. Not to mention a very good sounding implementation of BlueTooth (with AptX). There is a rather generous 30 watts a side, remote control and both headphone and subwoofer connections. Read more about why this could be just right for you.

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