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small stuff is cool stuff.

There are plenty of good reasons to go small - it's cost effective, it's resource efficient, it just looks better. And to prove the concept we've got a bevy of compact, affordable and fantastic sounding products to brighten your festive season.

The Tivoli iPAL might be their smallest radio but it's easily the most popular - the simplicity, portability and all round great sound of the latest iPAL models the best ever. Did you know the iPAL is the most sensitive of all the Tivoli range and is the best choice if you have patchy reception? Not only do you have the choice of 5 crisp gloss finishes for summer - yellow, red, white, blue and black - there's also the new BlueTooth PAL for great wireless sound from any source.

Meridian Director

If you'd like our very best digital sound in an affordable, friendly and easy to use package, you may just about to become a happy Meridian Director owner. For as long as we have been involved with music, Meridian has been the leader in digital - the quality of their CD players is nothing short of legendary and their expertise in the whole field of home music reproduction is unmatched. With the introduction of the Director - a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio performance from digital sources such as media players, CD players and computers, Meridian have delivered a product we can all enjoy. Read more here.

New NuForce

Nuforce have perfected the less-is-more ethos with their new 100 series components, the ultra compact Icon range and now their very smallest amplifier - the Mobile Music Pump - MMP (just NZ$99) - it's a portable headphone amplifier designed to make your music truly come aliveā€¦ wherever you go. Just connect the MMP to the headphone output of your MP3 player, Smartphone, iDevice, etc. and finally start experiencing the higher level of performance your headphones were always capable of. Read more about the MMP and lots of other cool new products from Nuforce here.

The NuForce DDA-100 integrated digital amplifier (NZ$899) is now the most popular product NuForce have ever produced - one of our happy clients explains why...

" Hi John, absolutely delighted with the DDA 100 performance it is a truly amazing piece of kit... Thanks again for introducing me to Nuforce and particularly the DAA 100, I am hearing instruments with a clarity that I have only heard in demonstration rooms before, with kit costing three times the price. Best regards, Roger"

Your best small speaker choices.

What is the ideal speaker to match the DDA100 with? The Monitor Audio Radius has been our best selling small speaker for years - first the original model, then the improved HD versions and now the third iteration - the look is still the same; finished in a luxurious high gloss piano black or white lacquer and it’s only on close inspection you can see the improved porting, new drivers and a subtle but significant outwards flare of the cover for the bass unit. Good as the earlier versions sounded, the latest model is considerably better again - more efficient, extended, detailed and just all together more musical.

Sonus faber wrote the book on luxury small speakers and the new Olympica 1 is simply the one of the finest speakers we have ever heard of any size or price. The long awaited replacement for the Cremona Auditor M, the Olympica 1 has just arrived and is everything you could want in a speaker. Fabulous sound and looks to die for - hand made in Italy with the finest timber, drivers and leather. You might be surprised that we’d match the little NuForce with such an opulent choice - but once you hear what this pairing does, you'll understand...

More Christmas Ideas

Geneva define the quality conscious single box system - the new Wireless versions of all models have just come in for Christmas - from the portable XS, the mid sized S and M models to the expansive sounding L, all now feature BlueTooth and come in a range of flawless high gloss finishes. Read more here.

Still looking for Christmas gift ideas? Carolyn has put together a great range of choices on our gift page with something for everyone. And we’ll be talking to you again soon - there are the new Monitor Audio Silver series speakers, their ASB2 sound bar (it's wicked!) and a special Project limited edition special due in the next couple of weeks.

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