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This new subwoofer brings the Sonos wireless system up to a whole new level - the improvement in sound quality is quite remarkable - equal or better than traditional systems - but with far easier installation, set up and control.

If you'd had any doubts as to either the sound quality or stability of wireless systems, Sonos is going to show you how its done. In the 3 short years since we started with Sonos, the company has both grown and advanced hugely. If there is one word that describes Sonos best we think it's smart. There's real intelligence behind everything they do, but they never loose sight of the fact that they need to be delivering a concept that is both simple enough for everyone to enjoy, but sophisticated enough to appeal to the most demanding listeners and users.

The new Sonos subwoofer will fit in just about any new or existing Sonos system - you can use it with either single or paired Play 3 or Play 5 speakers and with any system using the Control amp (formerly known as the ZP120). In combination with any of these the Subwoofer can be used in both music and movie based systems - Sonos is at home in almost any situation.

Its an absolute breeze to set up - the Sonos software guides you through a simple but very effective routine that means you'll be up and running in minutes with the sound being perfectly matched to any room, any placement and speakers. The Sonos sub is one of the few that actually looks as good as it sounds and visa versa - the unique shape with two opposing drivers delivers deep powerful bass from a compact and slim enclosure. In stock now in beautiful high gloss black for NZ$1595. Learn more about both the Subwoofer and the complete Sonos system here.

Trade in your old player and save $300 on the new Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD Universal Disc player.

"The Cambridge Audio 651BD is, for me, perfect... And if, like me, you want to play every format of optical disc you have, then the 651BD is for you."

If you want a disc player that will do virtually everything, but also to sound and look better than the unsettlingly cheaply made mass market versions then you'll find the new Cambridge Azur 651BD to be just the ticket. Anyone with a High Definition TV is going to immediately appreciate the much more vivid picture - from both DVD and BluRay. The sound quality of the 651BD is exceptional for all discs and given the choice of output types provided, you can make it work in many different ways in both surround sound and stereo modes. It also set the standard as a transport for use with the new generation of DACs like the Wadia 121. It is only bettered in analogue performance by Cambridges own flagship model - the 751BD, and its a fact that in many systems the 651s performance is identical.

Cambridge Azur 751

We want to make it easy for you to get into the new Cambridge - be it as a replacement for an ailing CD player, and old or underperforming DVD player of just a way to have one machine that does everything very well. So for a limited time, you can trade in any disc player - old, cheap or even faulty and get $300 off the Cambridge - that will bring it down to under $900 and even as only a CD player it would be easy to legitimize. Given everything else it does and how well it is, make this really makes it stunning value.

Find out more about the new Cambridge 651BD here. Call us or come in and see the 651BD in action for yourself - this is a great deal on an excellent player so don't miss out.

Black golf ball or white golf ball? Which Well Tempered turntable is right for you?

When the Well Tempered Amadeus Turntable was introduced just four short years ago it blew away everything else and seemed impossible to improve on. Now we've got 4 Well Tempered turntable models, 3 tonearms, and power supply, not to mention a special Dynavector variant. Combine this with a multitude of cartridge and phono stage choices and your analogue options just became almost bewildering.

With plenty of time and experience in setting up and selling these wonderful turntables, we've sat down and compiled a guide for you covering all the models from the Simplex to the new Versalex, looked at the priorities in terms of power supplies, model choices and cartridge matching. And detailed a lot of set up tips that aren't in the manuals.

There's a real resurgence in quality analogue - many new records are being pressed, better components are being produced and more and more people are discovering the joys of the organic and fulfilling sound of vinyl. We've got the perfect solutions for all record enthusiasts from an entry level with Thorens and Project, an introduction to the high end with the Well Tempered Simplex and Amadeus and state of the art with the new Amadeus GTA and Versalex models, not to mention superb new phono stages from Cambridge, Dynavector and Pure Audio. Call us now about getting into the modern world of analogue.

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