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Meet the future

Meet the future
Welcome to a new year and new generation of fresh approaches to audio.
We love innovation and lateral thinking so you’re going to hear about a slew of fantastic new products over the next few months. Even more importantly we’re breaking new ground in delivering exceptional value to you.
Great sound doesn’t have to be expensive - it’s about being smart with your choices and investigating new options.
Small, power efficient, digital savvy and affordable. But most importantly it sounds very, very good. We have just taken on a fantastic new brand that is going to be the game-changer for 2011 - NuForce.
If you were just looking at size or cost, you could easily underestimate what NuForce have done. The door has just opened on a new level of sound quality that everyone can enjoy.
From a stereo amplifier that costs no more than a basic iPod at just NZ$350, to a highly specified digital preamp that effectively renders the traditional separates redundant for under $800, the NuForce products are the most exciting prospect we have heard when it comes to delivering great sound to more people.
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Headphone Heaven

Headphone Heaven

Massage your frontal lobes with sweet sounds from our ever expanding range of personal listening options.

The new B&W P5 headphones - the very first from the renowned brand - are everything the reviewers say; a real luxury product.

The Grado range is being continually improved and offers everything from the best selling value model - the SR60i right through to ultra exotic state of the art models.

With many headphones, a dedicated amplifier will transform the sound and new models now feature digital inputs including USB. This means you can enjoy levels of resolution and fidelity that were simply not possible in even the recent past. New models from Firestone Audio show you how it’s done. Making your iPod sing is just the start of what we can do. 

Too Tone records

Too Tone records

Dunedin is home to the best record shop in the country (again).

Following on from Roi Colberts legendary Records Records which used to be our neighbor in the Terrace Houses, our friend Tony has been toiling away on his re-location from Chicks in Port Chalmers to the North East Valley shopping centre.

His new store is a treasure trove of vinyl - all lovingly cared for, catalogued and ready for sale at most reasonable prices. The selection is as extensive as Tony’s knowledge and enthusiasm. Too Tone doesn’t do a website - Tony wants to keep  it personal and if you want to get something, you’ll have to visit and immerse yourself in his analogue world.

Sonus faber specials

Sonus faber specials

It’s well known that we love the Italian Sonus faber speakers and for our own use at home we have the wonderful little Cremona Auditor M.

Everyone who hears Sonus faber immediately understands their appeal - they make music like no other brand.

Each model is a design statement, hand made to the highest standards in Italy. We’ve devoted many words and pages to the brand on our website and this enthusiasm is not abating. The distribution within New Zealand is changing but as long as Sonus faber want specialist dealers who love their product we’ll continue to deal with them.

And right now we have access to some extra special deals on both brand new Sonus faber models and demonstration stock at even better prices. Choices include Cremona, new Liuto and Toy series models in selected finishes. All are detailed on our updated Specials page

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