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Winter Essentials from Totally Wired.

Hi everyone,

How have you been? Winter just walked in the door in Dunedin with an early snowfall after a fantastic summer in which we’ve enjoyed great tramps, paddling, fishing and diving.

Now it’s time to get back into the swing of things at Totally Wired. (If you are interested, we’ll tell you about some cool places to go at the end of this newsletter. We'd love to hear of your favorite holiday places.)

First up for you there is a brilliant special offer on everyones favorite little amplifier - the Nuforce DDA-100.

Monitor Audio Silver series loudspeakers


Buy any new pair of speakers in our range and the NuForce DDA-100 is yours for just $500 (or $695 separately - still a $200 saving on the new price of NZ$899!)

Match the DDA-100 with any of our wide range of speakers - Monitor Audio, Sonus faber or Cambridge Audio and build your own great sounding digital system for far less than you'd expect.

A simple system with the DDA-100 and a pair of speakers will outperform any conventional option at the same price - and a great many for more. Whether you are playing music from your computer, iPhone, CD or BluRay player, AirPort Express or Apple TV, the DDA100 is the smart, powerful cool running alternative to conventional amplifiers.

It's so easy to enjoy music with the NuForce DDA-100. Anyone looking at their first system, upgrading or just wanting to simplify should get straight on to this special offer.

Check our our other NuForce specials - we’ve got some changes coming through and have taken advantage of this to bring you unbeatable value on other models in this great range.

The new TLC phono cartridge from Well Tempered Labs.

From the best of digital to a little analogue revelation. Every Well Tempered product we have listened to has performed better than anything else we have heard at the price. Whatever level they are working, WT Labs deliver value.

At just NZS499 the TLC is certainly the best moving magnet cartridge we’ve had the pleasure of listening to. So its impressive pedigree was proved and being moving magnet makes it highly compatible. Read more and find out why this is the new cartridge you should be enjoying to at home.

KLEI Cables update.

With both digital and analogue sources you need to connect. Our new KLEI cables (from Keith Eichmann) are a real ear opener.

The introduction of the new top-of-the-range gZero20 interconnect from KLEI  has pushed out the boundaries of what we believe to be possible with cable design.

This design breakthrough also allows the introduction of a new entry level model - the gZero1 Interconnect  at just NZ$315 which will allow even more music enthusiasts to benefit from KLEI's unique approach to cable design.

Terminated with the Copper Harmony plugs and incorporating elements of the gZero20 architecture in a materially simplified form, this cable will deliver more music for less and give you a great introduction to the possibilities on offer from KLEI.

Learn more here.

A little Monitor Audio goes a long way.

After a super affordable small speaker? Monitor Audio’s MASS 10 speakers answer the call for a small sized (just 23cm high), seriously good speaker from a specialist audio company.

Winners of numerous awards, the MASS 10 sound is nothing short of spectacular given their size and price. Built solidly with Monitor Audio expertise to produce a full range, dynamic sound that never looses control. The sharp design is immaculately executed including cunning hidden cable termination.

You'll find MASS the perfect match for the NuForce DDA100 amps currently on special. Made to sit on your desk or shelf they can also be wall mounted, stand mounted or form part of a MASS multi channel home cinema system.

Colour your life and music

New fun ways of listening to music. By combining Geneva Bluetooth or AirPlay music systems with Pro–ject turntables you can have the best of all worlds in a great looking, value for money package.

How would you like Geneva M, or Aerosphere and Pro–ject Debut Carbon - all in red? Or you could do an ultra modernist clean white system. Maybe super smart gloss black? 

All sound great, are super simple to use. It's the best of all worlds.

Friends in high places

We’ve made the most of this summer getting out in the wilds. Eldrig Peaks are just on the edge of Fiordland south of Lake Manapouri. This a great climb with views and rock formations not to mention a myriad of tarns to camp beside.

Earnslaw Burn has to be one of the most spectacular locations we’ve visited. Tightly tucked under the southern flanks of Mt Earnslaw/Pikirakatahi in Mt Aspiring National Park, this is a less frequently visited track but again with excellent camping and a worthwhile alternative route out down the main ridge overlooking the Dart.

The Gertrude Saddle  route was  a rewarding day trip after our usual Easter paddle in the northern arms of Te Anau. Very much one to do on a good day and with multiple warnings on the DOC guide but looking straight down to Milford Sound after the climb makes it all the better.

Chicks Hotel

In between this, work and the farm we’ve also enjoyed a slew of bands playing live at Chicks Hotel - it’s effectively our local and the guys, who form also the band ’Shifting Sands’, have made it a must-play venue for both NZ and international acts.

Recent highlights we’ve seen include Jakob, @Peace, David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights, Delaney Davidson, Marlon Williams, Eb & Sparrow, Doprah. J Mascis (from Dinosaur Junior), Robert Scott and Sharon van Etten .

If you’re in Dunedin or visiting, check out the listings at Under the Radar . We look forward to seeing you there.

Stay warm, Carolyn & John at totallywired.co.nz

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