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Clever choices for smart people - the NuForce 100 Home range.

Building on the phenomenal success of the affordable and compact Icon series, we're thrilled to bring you a brand new range of ultra high performance components from the smartest company we've ever dealt with. NuForce redefine what a modern hifi system will look and sound like for you - the best of cutting edge digital and analogue technologies, encased in sleek, minimalist modules. Be the first to read about the new range here.

NuForce DDA 100

Star of the show right now is the new DDA-100 integrated amplifier. Already the subject of fantastic reviews and awards, we have this with several other keenly awaited models - DACs, pre and power amplifiers - all clustered between NZ$900 and $1300 .

'...the DDA-100 sounds better than any conventional integrated amplifier I've heard priced under US$2500.' Steve Stone - The Absolute Sound.

Which Well Tempered turntable is right for you?

Do you love analogue sound? Would you like to rediscover your record collection? Nothing plays music like a really good turntable and Well Tempered Labs design the best sounding record players you can own.

Since the introduction of the Well Tempered Amadeus turnable around 4 years ago, WT Labs have expanded the range in both directions. The Simplex was introduced as an entry level version. The original Amadeus has enjoyed subtle revisions and upgrades and now with the introduction of the Symmetrex tone arm is officially MK2 . The better Amadeus GT has morphed into the GTA version - the acrylic plinth being replaced by a more massive and seriously engineered composite aluminium version. And now features the top of the line LTD/Symmetrex tone arm taking it's performance well beyond that of the standard Amadeus.

Equal to the Amadeus GTA at the top of the range, the new flagship model VERSALEX is also upgraded with the Symmetrex. The plinth is a Baltic Ply slab - in other words just like that used in Shahinian speakers which has some rather nice acoustic and mechanical properties - it's finished in a handsome walnut veneer. The motor, platter and bearing may be identical to the Amadeus components but the Versalex has its own distinctive character.

Read More here.

Sonus faber Venere - now in Walnut

The new Venere Range ('Venere' is Italian for Venus) from Sonus faber enhances their reputation with both beautiful sound and seductive aesthetics - you'll love the quality of finish - now with the choice of  wood or lustrous gloss. You can revel in the the purity of compact stand mount designs or the sumptuous and expansive presentation of the full bodied floor standing versions. 

What you'll really enjoy about these new speakers is that they offer exceptional value. The Venere range is all about getting the Sonus faber qualities in front of many more music enthusiasts. And if you're smart you'll be thinking that a combination of NuForce and Sonus faber might just be something very special indeed. With the entry level of a pair of Venere 1.5s and NuForce DDA-100 making music in your living room, you’ll have a level of sound quality well above many far more expensive systems. And that’s just the start….

Learn more here.

It's a Simple Choice.

Dunedin is known for many things. New Zealand's Wildlife Capital  is not just an advertising slogan. Spend a little time on our coast and you'll come face to face with seals, seal lions, penguins and dolphins. The wild white sand beaches, hidden bays enclosed by dramatic volcanic cliffs, multiple estuaries and and harbour that our city is built around are irreplaceable natural assets. 

So why would anyone put all this at risk? 

You already know the answer to that one. The extractive industries offer thinly disguised bribes dressed up with hollow assurances and a complicit government legislates to suppress and silence dissent. The same players behind the massive and ongoing disaster that is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill plan to drill in the deep and turbulent waters off Otago.

You'll have your own view on climate change but from where we stand, the science is both compelling and terrifying in equal measures. More oil isn’t the solution - it's part of the problem.

We're sending a clear message about this - the big new poster outside our shop shows a chillingly plausible scene. Our updated webpage provides much more detail - please take the time to find out what’s at stake here.

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