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Hitting the high notes for Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone! We're in the last few weeks of 2014 but still have some great new components coming through as well as the perenial favorites of the season like the Tivoli radio range. Browse Carolyn's gift guide here.

NuPrime IDA-16 Integrated Digital Amplifier

NuPrime is the high end off-shoot of our favorite value for money digital specialists - NuForce. The IDA-16 is the first product of this new line and what a way to start. 

Not only is this the highest resolution DAC we've had the pleasure of listening to - it's one of the very best amplifiers of any breed with 200 watts of ultra clean and controlled power on board. Not to mention analogue ins and outs.

All the NuForce virtues are there - cool running, compact dimensions and class leading performance. Read all about this revolutionary component here.

Geneva AeroSphere & Cinema

Geneva unleash two great new designs simultaneously. The new AeroSphere range of wireless speakers look and sound like no other. We heard the first samples only a few weeks ago and were immediately impressed. Due in this week, these will make wireless work for you in a multitude of ways - stunning looks, fantastic sound and compatibility across all formats.

Geneva's new Cinema brings European design and sound quality to the television veiwers rescue. It's slim, powerful but most importantly sounds very, very good. We actually see many of these being used solely as music playing speakers - the Cinema makes both movies and music a whole lot of fun.

KLEI - Keith Eichmann's new cables

We only launched the new KLEI - Keith Louis Eichmann Innovations - cables a few weeks ago but the reaction so far is fantastic -

'They make a huge difference, so once again the Eichmann cables are showing their worth.  I’m quite convinced that what I now have are making an amazing difference to the system in terms of clarity, distinction between instruments, complexity of tonal quality, particularly in the areas of mid-harmony and support parts, and a general improvement to the soundstage, notably in the middle area between the speakers, bringing it forward and removing any sense of sound being generated from two sources.  It’s all coming together wonderfully well I think and with 300 odd hours of improvements to come as the cables are run in.'

The Analogue Interconnects and Harmony Plugs were the first part and now we've got the new Speaker Cables. Like the interconnects they feature a unique construction and are very much a hand made, high end component. We haven't had a chance to get a page up yet, but check out the range on KLEI's own website here.

Artist in residence

One of the reasons we love Dunedin city is it’s high level of creative talent in music, literature and the visual arts. So we are pleased to present for sale in the shop beautifully expressive paintings by James Ballaney.  “Art is about discovery, for the artist and for the voyager. People who actually go to see art work in or outside a gallery enter so, not with a depiction of what they will actually get, but with faith that something will happen subjectively.” - James


Our best friend - Shackleton Bear - has been rummaging around in our cupboards and unearthed a pile of SlinkyLinks - demonstration cables, samples and special custom solutions. Take your pick of these fantastic specials.

Shackleton Bear travelled to Antarctica as part of the high-profile ‘Our Far South’ expedition for World Wide Fund for Nature and is one of the gifts we give our customers who make a significant purchase. Totally Wired have been long time supporters of WWF, inspired particularly by the plight of the Hector Dolphins. We also support Save Animals From Exploitation so keep an eye out for the cuddly collectors out on the street during the 19th and 20th of December. Happy caring Christmas everyone from John and Carolyn.


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